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    At the very edge of the Galaxy, a mysterious ribbon of energy swirls. While only two starships in history have come in contact with it, only one survived to tell the tale and it's fascinated scientists ever since. Beyond that barrier, in the hundreds of thousands of lightyears between us and the Andromeda Galaxy, is unexplored space. After nearly a decade of foundation shaking events in the Federation, Starfleet has committed precious time and resources to a patch of extragalactic space called "the Threshold." Here, they built a Starbase to launch new missions of exploration from and sent their most diverse crew to spearhead a new exploratory effort.

    It's 2382 in the prime universe and its time for original characters to drive the story.


    A trekkie teaching middle school science. EST-6/GMT-10. D: tall_S@2153

    Site Updates

    01/2018 - Welcome!

    02/2018 - Our first event!

  • Station Status

    Long range sensors have detected a small craft entering the area. It's slightly smaller than the Valorous and adrift, with minimal power readings. What secrets does it hold? The Admiral and part of the crew have set out to do some research on it. Meanwhile, Commander Torres has command of the base and everything seems okay for now.

    Ship Status

    The Caelian is currently exploring space near the Nuyyad Pentarchy and conducting long range scans to determine their current status. The starships Brahe is beginning to explore the intergalactic space at the furthest reaches of the long range sensor network heading towards one of the arms of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Trafalgar is currently repairing a portion of the long range network and laying more sensor buoys.

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The central, decision making complex of the base. Command and Control, Briefing Rooms, Senior Officer Quarters, everything essential to the base's function can be found here.
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The recreational heart of 309, this wide open area is home to many shops, restaurants, living quarters, Diplomatic missions, all in an open field like setting.
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Living Quarters, Gyms, Holodecks, Sport venues -- everything to help a crew member feel at home.
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The scientific nerve center of the Starbase. This includes numerous science labs, Main Sickbay, Counseling Suites, and Stellar Cartography and plenty of science labs.
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